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Sony Transmitters

The sony transmitters are the urx-p2 and utx-b2. The urx-p2 is a low cost, entry-level transmitter while the utx-b2 is a high-end transmitter with features such as five bandwidth settings, line of sight (lfs) and wireless signal strength.

Sony WRT-829A transmitter -
Sony 3D sync transmitter TMR-PJ2

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This is a shack transmitter that uses the utx-b2 transceiver to connect to tv sets, and a sony urx-p2 receiver to convert audio into video. The transmitter can be used to transmit or receive video footage. The utx-b2 transceiver has a range of up to 3 feet, and the sony urx-p2 has a range of up to 1, 000 miles.
the sony tmr-rf995r wireless headphones have an all-black look and feel with sleek, squared off design. They are made of durable materials that will durably keep your head safe from any harm. These headphones are back-up to your audio system should it be lost or damaged. The tmr-rf995r is also a good choice for those who want to wear them outdoors as they will power up and down 1st and 2nd grade with no problem. They are also good for people who want to listen to music or watch a movie while on the go.
this sony utx-b03 intellipak transmission pack provides high-quality communication with your device by integrating with the surrounding air. Thepack includes twovery high-quality transmitters.